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Toileting and Bathing
Adjustable Height Furniture
Miscellaneous Equipment
Bedroom Furniture
Mobility Equipment
Delivery Charges


Toileting and Bathing

H01 - Shower Commode Attendant Propelled

H02 - Shower Commode Self Propelled

H03 - Shower Chair with Arms

H04 - Shower Stool with Arms

H05 - Bath Board

H06 - Bath Transfer Bench

H07 - Over Toilet Frame

H08 - Toilet Surround


Adjustable Height Furniture

H10 - Hilite Chair

H11 - Utility Chair

H12 - Kitchen Stool

H13 - Overbed/Overchair Table


Miscellaneous Equipment

H33 - Electric Lifter/Hoist

H34 - Ramps

H35 - Lift/Recliner Chair

Bedroom Furniture


H40 - Bed Rail/Poles

H14 - Bedside Commode

H15 - Gooseneck Free Standing

H16 - IV Pole Free Standing

H17 - Electric Bed

H18 - Bed & Mattress Package (STD)

H19 - Mattress—STD Foam

H20 - Mattress—Alternating Pressure Mattress

Mobility Equipment

H23 - Walking Frames with No Wheels

H26 - 4 Wheeled Seat Walker

H27 - Walking Stick

H28 - Underarm/Elbow Crutches

H30 - Folding Manual Wheelchair

H29 - Electric Wheelchair

H31 - Electric Scooter

H32 - Tray Mobile

Delivery Charges

Deliver/Pick Up Darwin City, Northern Suburbs
Deliver/Pick Up Palmerston
Deliver/Pick Up Rural (Palmerston-Humpty Doo)
Deliver/Pick Up Beyond Rural (Beyond Humpty Doo)
Deliver/Pick Up Alice Springs
**Please note that delivery fees are each way only (ie. Pickup OR Delivery)

**LARGE Items are Beds, Lifters and Recliner/Lift Chairs

**STANDARD Items are everything else