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Arjo Enterprise 8000x

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During development of the new Enterprise 8000 hospital bed, ArjoHuntleigh focused on key requirements, common to all healthcare environments:

  • Safety for both resident/patient and caregiver.
  • Compliance with new international standards.
  • Equipment that is robust, intuitive and easy to use.
  • Solutions focused on quality of care for residents/patients.

The new Enterprise 8000 has been independently tested by a globally renowned organisation to certify that it complies with the latest stability, dimensional and safety requirements of the IEC60601-2-52 standard. The bed comes with split folding safety sides and integrated bed controls.



  • The new Enterprise 8000 helps to reduce the risk of staff injuries and provides a safer environment for the caregiver thanks to the extra low height – a key advantage in reducing the risk of injury through falls - and underbed lighting – the bed exit area on both sides of the bed is illuminated, to help improve resident/patient safety and security.

Intuitive operation and easy to use

  • Our single button controls are intuitive and easy to use, thanks to clear and simple icons. Single touch functions can be used for key functions, such as auto CPR, 30° backrest angle, auto contour, cardiac chair position, low height and extra low height, and Trendelenberg/reverse Trendelenberg positioning.

Quality of care

  • The backrest will pause when raised to an angle of 30°, ensuring easy and positive backrest adjustment time after time. The caregiver can easily adjust the bed into a cardiac chair position with the easy-to-use control panel, by simply selecting the relevant icon.

Cleaning, maintenance and service

  • The Enterprise 8000 has been designed with open architecture and no base cover to allow easy access for cleaning, decontamination, maintenance and service.

Overall standard length: 2350 mm
Overall width: 1030 mm
Mattress length standard: 2020 mm
Mattress width: 880 mm
Top height (with 125 mm castors): 760 mm
Low height (with 125 mm castors): 320 mm
Backrest length: 850 mm
Seat length: 215 mm
Calf length: 560 mm
Thigh length: 365 mm
Safe working load/Maximum patient weight: 250 kg/185 kg
Head down tilt 12°
Foot down tilt 12°
Backrest angle 62°
Backrest pause 30°
Thigh angle 20°
Calf angle 16°