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Quickie Iris

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Quickie Iris
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From invention to perfection. Celebrating 10 Years of the IRIS.

We’ve spent 10 years pursuing the perfection of the rotation-in-space technology we invented in 2003.  The ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair, the Quickie® IRIS™ features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, numerous adjustments, and it's one of the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchairs available on the market.


40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology

Intelligent Rotation in Space technology means the seat frame rotates around the user's center of gravity. This results in a smooth tilting motion that is easy for you to control and allows for the shortest possible wheelbase that is easy for you to maneuver. The IRIS features 40° or 55° rotation ranges that can be set to achieve up to 45° or 60° of posterior rotation for superior positioning.

Improved Rocker Arm Technology and Width Adjusting Struts

The IRIS' rocker arm now includes a cover to prevent debris from collecting on the hardware.  Improved locking pin engagement and precision matching of parts within the tilt mechanism reduces side to side movement and increases durability.

Also new to the IRIS are optional width-adjustable strut tubes which allow for changes in chair width to accommodate user needs without replacement parts


Seat Width: 14 - 22" (35.5-56 cm)
Seat Depth: 14 - 22" (35.5-56 cm)
Front seat height: 12.5 - 19" (32-50 cm)
Rear seat height: 12.5 - 19" (32-50 cm)
Back height: 15 - 21" (38 - 53 cm) or 18 - 24" (46 - 61 cm)
Total Width: SW + 9.5" (24 cm)
Seat Angle: -5º-60º
Backrest Angle: 80º-120º
Inset: -
Camber: -
Max. User Weight: 113 kg/ 158 kg (XL version)
Product Weight: from 17 kg
Upholstery Colours: black
Frame Colours: 17 colour