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Tilite Aero Z

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Aero z
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Tilite-Lite Aero Z Series: The Aero Z Series 2 is the answer for people seeking the ultra-portability of a cantilevered design combined with full adjustability and Ti-Lite's legendary smooth ride. Due to the minimal "Z" frame profile, the Aero fits easilty into every type of automobile. The Aero Z allows for maximum adjustability, including seat height, centre of gravity, back angle and front caster angle. With hidden footrest clamps and a sleek angle adjustable front caster system, the Aero Z is beautiful to look at and to ride in.


Tilite Aero z

•SpeedLoader Adjustable Front Caster Housing (patent pending) quickly and accurately adjusts Fork Angle in 1° Increments.

•Highly Adjustable Camber Mount incorporates TiLite’s Tru-Fit System with up to 3.5” of Rear Seat Height Adjustment.
•Slipstream Single-Sided Fork with Integrated Bumper (patent pending).

•Our new Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces, shaving 40% from the weight of the original, 3-Spoke Wheel.Wheelchairs that perform well combine superb fit with unparalleled quality of construction and the right blend of options.

You owe it to yourself to experience the super smooth ride of a custom-built wheelchair that fits perfectly. It will perform as well in 5 years as it does today.


Tilite Aero zThe Aero Z is Handmade to exacting precision from aerospace grade aluminium.

Aero Z Weight (excluding rear wheels) approx 5.1kgs.

Available with 70, 75, 80, 85 or 90 degree front frame angle.Width of Seat 10 inch - 20 inch

Depth of Seat 10 inch - 20 inch
Height of Seat from Ground 16 inch - 21 inch (Front seat height)
Height of Backrest 8.5 inch - 21 inch
Weight Overall 5.6 kg (Transport weight)
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 120.2 kg