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Aspire A320 Bariatric Lifter

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The Aspire A320 will exceed expectations even in the most demanding clinical environments. Its broad base and ample patient clearance compliments the substantial 320kg safe working.

  • Ergonomic Handles Provide multiple grip points to suit carers of different heights and strengths
  • Powered Leg Function Opens and closes the legs for lifting stability or accessibility
  • Quick Release Yoke Attachment One touch release and attach mechanism, designed for the busy caregiver. Padded yoke for added patient safety.
  • Safety Critical features include emergency stop button, emergency lowering and anti-entrapment technology, with both patient and caregiver safety at heart

Safe Working Load: 320kg
Overall Length: 1505mm
Overall Width: 765mm - 1190mm
Lift Range: 575mm - 1960mm