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A unique approach to the design, engineering, construction and delivery of innovative ramp access solutions.

These prefabricated systems come in a variety of interchangeable modules and are designed for a variety of applications, domestic, commercial and industrial.

The system's features, allow a multitude of uses:

Disability access
Shopping carts and prams
Delivery trolleys
Temporary construction and building site access
Elevated walkways
Use as a directional thoroughfare

Checker-plate flooring is standard, but the optional perforated floor-plate or variety of customisable finishes has proven itself in extreme weather conditions including frost and snow, heavy rain and muddy conditions. Recent inclusions of sand-blasted finish round out a variety finishes required to ensure adequate slip-rating.

The Nexus Modular Series has been engineered from the outset to provide markets with an off-the-shelf access solution which is fully compliant providing the load ratings and longevity you expect.



ARAS is today recognised across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region as the leader in the innovative design, engineering, fabrication, delivery and installation of practical ramp and access solutions aligned to clients needs.

Being our core business activity, we are specialists in access solutions, having devoted the past 25 years to understanding the specific needs of the disabled and applying this under the principles of 'Equity of Access' applied to domestic, commercial and industrial access applications.

Our innovative approach to design, engineering, quality manufacture and client consultation is unique. We are not selling just products but solutions that creatively address our client's specific needs, we mitigate the risk associated with compliance and we deliver exceptional value, which keeps our clients coming back for more.

The rigour of mature end-to-end processes, a 'can-do' culture and a dedication to continuous improvement, our sensitive client-centric market engagement, quality workmanship and enviable industry leading DIFOT ensures total satisfaction and enhances AR&AS reputation and equity in our brand.


Design and innovation are core to our value based delivery, just ask our clients. With more than 13 International Patents registered, we excel with creative approaches to designing and engineering highly innovative Ramp & Access Solutions.

With a full design & drafting facility you can be sure of value-based and creative results every time!

Our qualified staff can offer professional advise on scoping of your precise needs, alternate approaches to design and specific development of your requirement. We can undertake the whole project as a Prime Contractor, or just build to your specifications.

We have deep expertise to advise on compliance & certification to meet the rigorous demands of DDA, BCA and the Australian Standards requirements.