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  • Portability in its own class – With it’s self-loading docking station (optional extra) the Flyte makes transporting the mobility scooter a breeze. Heavy lifting is eliminated, loading and unloading being achieved by using only 2 buttons on the remote control.
  • Enhanced 5 wheel stability. Using British designed 5 wheel Quintell™ technology makes for unrivalled stability, crucial for negotiating hills and slopes and when mounting or descending kerbs.
  • Safer kerb handling – even at angles. Kerbs can represent considerable obstacle to scooter users. Only the Quingo 5 wheel system features the capability to ascend and descend kerbs at an angle of up to 45°. Additionally Quingo’s patented Kerbmaster not only prevents tipping but also eliminates beaching with it’s auto-powered drive system.
  • Easy view digital dash with battery meter gauge, digital status/fault indicators, infinitely variable speed dial, push button lighting control, audible warning horn button, fingertip forward/reverse speed levers, security ignition key.
  • Two tone fold flat seat with forward/reverse mechanism & quick release seatbelt.
  • 3 x front lights & 2x rear lights/centre rear brake warning light .
  • Tighter turning circle – This makes for agility, while maintaining safety, in places with restricted space such as small shops and shopping centres.

Maximum range: Up to 54km on a single charge
Maximum Speed: 6.4 kph
Carrying Capacity: 159 kg
Maximum Range: 37 km-54 km
Maximum Kerb Height: 7.5 cm
Turning Radius: 102 cm
Maximum Gradient: 6 degrees
Battery Type: 4 x 22AH, 6 x 22AH
Motor Size: 250 Watt
Off Board Battery Charger: 5.0 AH