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Aspire Vogue Forearm Seat Walker

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Luxury Look and Feel - European design, profiled tubing, moulded fittings and chic colour palette
Smart Posture System - Height, angle and depth adjustable forearm supports achieve optimal centre of gravity for improved balance and weight redistribution

  • Smooth height adjustment with AUTOLOCATE - Graduated and numbered upright shaft automatically locates to preset heights, making adjustment simple and accurate
  • Ergonomic Design - Intelligent location of cross brace and generous under seat clearance provide scope for improving patient stride length
  • Rehab Focus - Easy to push with a small turning circle and low rolling resistance to accelerate standing mobility
  • Locks when Folded - Makes lifting the frame easier and minimises storage space required
  • User Comfort - Super-soft wheels and padded forearm surfaces absorb bumps and jolts creating a smooth, comfortable ride

Length: 660 mm, Width: 620 mm
Folded Width: 225 mm
Seat Depth: 190 mm
Wheel Size: 8 inch
SWL: 150kg
Unit Weight: 9kg